Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Running a business in Hawaii is unique. OHANA SELF STORAGE can help you manage your space. The more space you have the more efficient you can be to offer quality products and services to your customers.
Customized Business Storage
Ohana Self Storage wants to help you save time and money. We can do this by helping you get more space if you're cramped. Overcrowded businesses take way too much time looking for tools and/or inventory or even moving the tools and/or inventory to get to something you need. Take advantage of our business special and start saving today. We offer free pickup and free estimates.

Ohana Self Storage will accept deliveries and call you upon arrival. This allows you to control your time by not having to wait for deliveries.

We will customize a program to fit your needs.

Save time by sorting your inventory into multiple lockers.
Retired Records Storage
SPACE EQUALS TIME. TIME EQUALS MONEY. Let OHANA SELF STORAGE be part of your business formula.

Retired Records are those boxes that are taking up valuable space that you have not needed access to for over a year.

State and federal government agencies require you to keep them.

How much space can you save?

We can free that space up today!

Call today (808) 841-6799 for your free consultation.

We will even customize a destruction plan for your retired records.

Helpful Storage Hints
The most important tip for any business storage is in regards to necessary access. You must ask yourself and your staff. What do you need and how often do you need it. The best thing to store are things (retired records) that you are required by federal, state and city and county governments that you don’t need to access unless audited. Ohana self storage can help you segregate these records for easy access. Part of our service includes free storage consulting. Call today (808) 841-6799 for your appointment.
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